Boys Mentorship Programme

I authorize the consideration of my son to participate in the selection process of the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Program . I am the parent or legal guardian of nominee (minor child), acknowledge, understand and agree that I am required to accompany my son to the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Camp, departure and participate in the Boys’ Graduation Ceremony on the last day at the Camping Centre.

I hereby give permission for my son to be photographed and/or video-graphed during the mentoring camp. I understand the photo(s) and videos may be used to keep a journal of activities, to share during PowerPoint presentations and/or reports to our sponsors, promotional purposes; including flyers, brochures, and on social/digital platforms. In addition, I give the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme permission to use my son’s name, voice and/or appearance as such to be embodied in photos, video recordings, and interviews for media publications. I agree that the KUTEESA Foundation through it’s BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme owns all mentioned assets and may use for the purpose consistent with the foundation’s mission.

THE BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Programme, staff, mentors, coaches, sponsors, affiliates, participants, or its co-organizers are not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.

I hereby give approval for my son’s participation in any and all activities prepared by the KUTEESA Foundation, through the BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Militaristic BOOT CAMP. In exchange for the acceptance of my son’s participation in the militaristic boot camp, I assume all risk and hazards, incidentals, and release, absolve and hold harmless KUTEESA Foundation and all its respective officers, employees, mentors, agents, sponsors, advertisers, participants and affiliates from any and all liability for injuries that may arise during BOYS’ MENTORSHIP Militaristic BOOT CAMP. There is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all drills, sports activities, including basketball.